Boston Beer Summit: November 19, 2011


Obama could not make it to this beer summit but there were plenty of wonderful ladies and gentleman enjoying sample beers from over 60 different local breweries.


With over 200 different brews to be sampled from the two ounce beer mug given upon entering, and 210 minutes – it’s a monumental seasonal event filled with heart laughter, glowing faces, and merriment. Not to mention the good eats, live music, and the cigar vendors.


Yeah, it’s in a giant castle – where else would you enjoy fantastic brews by the people that make them?


A word to the wise – do not operate heavy machinery after the three and a half hours of drinking beer, even if it is out of a two ounce cup. By the end of the night, most were slightly slurring their words – not exactly becoming – but not exactly avoidable with the amount options available. Plus, think about it like this – if there are 60 brewers and you try each, that’s 120 ounces of beer; but each brewer has multiple styles – there were over 200 beers available to try. 400 ounces or more, in under 210 minutes? Yeah, don’t worry – there are plenty of hotels within walking (or zigzagging or stumbling) distance from the castle.


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…wait was I supposed to take the other left at the fork in the road to get there? Hmm, I did not make it to 400 ounces (barely to a quarter of it) but even so, high-octane brews likes these will make details [slightly] fuzzier with every two ounce mini-mug of magnificence. To remedy this, the Beer Summit offers an application to record notes about the samples. However, with as many quality brews available, it is hard to keep track of each one – but here’s a list of the brewers that seriously stood out as favorites:
1. Cody Brewing
2. Cape Ann’s Imperial Pumpkin Stout
3. Backlash Convergence
4. Mayflower
5. Trinity IPA
6. Lacunitas IPA
7. Woodchuck

Who Wouldn’t Want to Save Money By Drinking Beer?

The Kegman wants to know if you’re aware of the great beers right in your backyard.

According to the latest reports, by consuming locally brewed beer, you will be making a financially and environmentally sound purchasing decision. As we all know that gas consumption is not cheap, why bother traveling long distances when you can obtain the same quality crafted brews in your backyard? Studies conducted by the Brewer’s Association state that the average American lives within ten miles of a brewery. I bet most of you never thought about it like that, right? Craft breweries have become the latest mainstream trend, due largely in part to their culturally-influencing follower base.

Stop and think for a second, where is the closest brewery in relation to you, and have you even tried them out yet? More than likely, you will be missing out on a golden opportunity that is not even that hard to obtain.  On top of promoting the best locally brewed ales, you’re also helping out the local bars in you area indirectly.  Think about your wallet, your community, and the planet next time you’re trying to decide what beer to purchase.

Beer Enthusiasts Do Not Consider Fall As Just Another Season

As the months of September and October approach, many wait in anticipation to see the fall foliage that spreads across the Northeastern states.  For beer connoisseurs, it is the start to a great season for beer.







While traditional American culture is contemplating what to replicate for Halloween, beer lovers are already gearing for events such as Oktoberfest and all the seasonal fall brews.  Most consumers anticipate items such as pumpkin pie, but there are also a great variety of pumpkin beers to hit the shelves as well.  Throughout the fall season, Kegman has been researching all the latest beers, including consumer’s least and favorite selections.  As a beer specialist, I always make sure that my favorite seasonal fall ale is at all family gatherings, alongside pumpkin pie and the like at our Thanksgiving feast.

They do pack a punch, and provide a rich and robust taste that is rather complimentary of the season.  I am still trying to figure out what my favorite seasonal ale is, as there are so many great choices.  What has sparked your interest this year?

Visit The Huffington Post to see The Ultimate Guide to Fall Pumpkin Beers.


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